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f the n■ew century. Face■d with gri■m and comp◆lex economic ●situations ◆at home and abroad,● the people◆ of all our ethnic g●roups, under● the leadership〓 of the Communi◆st

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al Consul?/h4>

Party of China ●(CPC), thor●oughly implemented 〓the Scientific Ou◆tlook on Develo○pment. Based on the■ national economi●c and social◆ development pl●an adopted at the S◆econd S


e Conferen

ess●ion of the Eleven〓th NPC, we ●took maintaining ●steady and ■rapid econom●ic development as t●he primary 〓task in our economi■c work, fol■lowed a proactive〓 fiscal po〓licy

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●easy monetar●y policy, f◆ully imple○mented and made

●constant additi○ons and impro●vements to t●he package plan for〓 responding to the g○lobal financi○al crisis, and ●stopped the signifi〓cant decline○ in economic○ growth rate. ○As a resul●t, our coun●try was one of○ the first in〓 the world to achi●eve overal◆l economic turnar○ound. We also〓 achieved signific●ant

results in o〓ur work to s◆ustain economic grow●th, adjust the ec〓onomic structure, ■promote reforms, a○nd improve p●eople's well-being●. Overall, the p●lan for 2009 was we○ll-implemente◆d. BEIJING, Oc〓t. 4 (Xinhua) -- C〓hina's retail● sales hit 14 billio■n yuan (ab●out 2 bill●ion U.S. dollars●) during the fi◆rst

three days of 〓the National Day H■oliday, up ◆15 percent● from the ●same period of last■ year, the 〓Ministry of C■ommerce said S■unday.The count〓ry's National○ Day Holiday thi◆s year, eight days l●ong, starts on ○Oct. 1.From O■ct. 1 through Oct. 3●, China's 1,0●00 key retail○ers reported a total◆ of 14 billion yu?/p> I◆. I

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